WindTunnel Technologies is a software house building products developers love. We have a strong focus on application lifecycle management (ALM) in general, and continuous delivery (CI/CD) in particular.

We strive to be an open, customer-driven company and crave your feedback. Happy to assist you through mail, phone or chat.

Our current product portfolio can be found below.

Secret Managers for Bamboo
Avoid leaking secrets through builds and deployments, have them securely managed external to Bamboo
Kubernetes Agents for Bamboo
Handle peak loads while cutting costs, have your elastic build agents intelligently managed on Kubernetes
Metadata Maniac for Bamboo
Your one-stop shop for reading and writing project metadata files in JSON, YAML and XML-based formats
Image Badges for Bamboo
Visually distinguish special purpose and non-production builds: apply shields, ribbons and watermarks to your project images